• Trail - 25 km

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    • Distance and elevation gain : 26km (approx.) and 1400m (approx.) elevation gain
    • Departure : Saturday May 18 at 7:30 a.m. from Piroguiers Plum – festival village
    • Convocation : Saturday May 18 at 5:30 a.m. from Piroguiers Plum – festival village
    • Form of the route : loop
    • Number of PCs : 3 / PC1 (12.5km) PC2 (16km) PC3 (19km)
    • Time barrier : maximum arrival at Plum before 2:30 p.m. on Saturday May 18
    • Prize giving : 1 hour after the arrival of the last runner
    • This race is registered with the UTMB Index and allows you to accumulate ITRA points

    Registration method

    • Registration is done online on the INLIVE.NC website
    • Price 2024 = 4,500 F (excluding online fees)
    • Minimum age: 20 years old at the start of the race
    • Provide proof of health and aptitude for trail running : terms and conditions of the regulations
    • No qualifying points are needed to register for this race
    • Closing date for online registrations : Sunday May 12, 2024 at midnight
    • Delivery of bibs : from May 8 to 17, 2024 Running Conseil (formerly Endurance Shop)

    Track and profile of the UTCC 25 KM 2024

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    A route undertaken to pass 3 large bumps, you will successively pass by mule drivers, wide mining tracks, a large part will be done along the ridge line to reach the Négandi wind turbines.


    You will have a breathtaking view of Plum Bay. The descent will be on a mule trail along several small refreshing waterfalls.


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    Video course simulation