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    Become volunteers!

    Without volunteers, no event! Your help is precious and vital to us and every year many of you join the ranks of volunteers.

    Being a volunteer on the UTNC, these are intense moments where you are given the opportunity to live part of the adventures of the runners through numerous missions: markup, search for prizes, distribution of bibs, organization of supplies, taking care of medical load, control of runners on the ground, staker... Among you, there are the faithful of the first hour and the newcomers; there are those who decide to go to the other side of the barrier when they don't have the opportunity to run; there are enthusiasts who come back every year in pairs or groups and even with their families to experience the adventure from the inside.

    One thing is certain, every year, we find you with the same pleasure and the desire to share with you this great celebration of the trail.

    We are also looking for volunteers for the medical teams: Nurses, first aid doctors, masseurs, physiotherapists, osteos, podiatrists...

    Know that your help is very precious for the continuity of our event. If that appeals to you! leave us a message (using the form below)

    Photo credit: © Niko Vincent - UTNC 2022

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