• Let's go for the 2023 edition

  • A trail, a hike for everyone!

    Find the trail or hike that suits you best! The trail festival is above all about choice, pleasure and sport of course!

    Ultratrail 130 km

    Relay 2x40km

    10 km difficult

    10 km easy

    Rando 10 km difficult

    An easy 10 km run

    Rando 5 km

    Rando dogs

    Kids Race

  • A little history...

    The UltraTrail in New Caledonia is, originally, the desire to discover other horizons while surpassing oneself. Many trailers in the territory were keen to go beyond what was offered as a format locally. It is with this in mind that a handful of enthusiasts set out to find trails and other muleteers, which could offer a loop large enough with a drop large enough to subsequently allow the validation of ITRA points... What international runners are looking for.

    The ultimate goal is to make a sports festival around an event "The Festival of Trails" with an ultra in the figurehead, the queen event: "The UTNC". For some, it will be a challenge, for others a challenge, but ALL will be happy to have been at the end of their efforts! Trail running is a long-distance running sport in a natural environment. This race is mainly defined by its natural ground of practice, as opposed to running on an athletics track or on the road. The terrain can consist of grass, mud, rocks and scree, sand and gravel, and natural obstacles such as tree trunks, roots and waterways.

    Unlike road races, the distance to be covered is only one of the three important data that defines the course. The two other fundamental data are the difference in altitude (the accumulation of all the ascents which makes it possible to give the total positive difference in altitude = D+) and the technicality of the paths. The trail is preceded by the word ultra when the distance of the event exceeds 80 kilometers. Since 2017, the UTNC association has been the only one to offer ultra-trails.

    This is a unique event on the Caillou!

    The ULTRATRAIL NC association

    The Union of Trailers of New Caledonia is a non-profit association (law 1901), registered under the number Ridet 1 382 209.001 since January 22, 2017 composed of enthusiasts of Trail Running, hiking and nature .

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    51 Rue Romain Rolland; 98835 Dumbéa
    +687 810 323