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    Our thoughts go particularly to Fabrice Leconte, co-founder of the UTNC. An accountant by trade but above all a nature lover in real life. He liked to unearth and survey the rare corners of the beautiful Caledonian nature.

    He discovered by chance, through a report, Trail Running (now Raid) and had joined “Les Marcheurs du Mont-Dore”. His passion only grew over the years. So much so that he invested a lot in clubs and associations.

    During his participation in the Diagonale des fous in 2016, he met Daniel Bonnefis and together imagined what would become the UtraTrail and the Festival de trails in New Caledonia.

    In July 2020, a blow for the athlete: Fabrice suffers from kidney failure and has to stop trail running while waiting for a transplant. Fabrice unfortunately passed away at the end of 2022. We dedicate this 2023 edition to him.