• The Association of Trailers Union of New Caledonia

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    The Union of Trailers of New Caledonia is a non-profit association (law 1901), registered under the number Ridet 1 382 209.001 since January 22, 2018 composed of enthusiasts of Trail Running, hiking and nature .

    • The President (founder): Daniel Bonnefis
    • Secretary: Glenda Hons
    • Treasurer: Patricia Petersen
    • Active members: Jean-Marc Mériot, Pascale delrieux, Jean-Yves Kerleguer, Matthieu Gallet, Romain Thomas, Patrice Vibert, Christine Vibert, Jessica Hnacipan

    The missions of the UTNC association are:

    1. The organization of competitions and sporting events;
    2. The promotion of outdoor activities in New Caledonia;
    3. Contacting public and private authorities, services or associations in New Caledonia; Metropolitan France and Oceania.
    4. Send ambassadors abroad to promote Trail running in New Caledonia.

    Since 2017, the association has been active in organizing Trail Running competitions and hikes in New Caledonia. The events already carried out are:

    • 2017 : 1st edition of the UTNC in the town of Païta with 110km solo or in relay.
    • 2018 : still in the town of Païta, the "Ultra-Trail of New Caledonia 2018" event consists of 3 races (110km; 55km; and a 13km prologue), as well as a hike.
    • 2019 : the UTNC travels to the town of Mont-Dore and the great south, it consists of 4 races (UTNC 135km; Trail Endurance Shop 72km; Trail Aircalin 30km; Négandi Race 18km) and two hikes (10km and 5km) .
    • 2020 : the event should have taken place on May 30 with no less than 45 foreigners registered... But due to the health crisis, this edition had to be cancelled.
    • 2021 : the event is relaunched, still in the town of Mont-Dore, and becomes the "EEC-Engie Trails Festival" to welcome as many people as possible and an intensive program: 5 trails, 2 hikes, 1 cani hike and 1 kids race for an unprecedented success and more than 1000 subscribers on the weekend.
    • 2022 : the still uncertain sanitary conditions push the organization to plan a shorter event, over 24 hours, and a UTNC at 80km but still as many trails and hikes; and the return of the relay format with a very popular 2x40km!
    • At the same time, the UTNC is putting its energy into a new fashionable format with a Backyard organized on the Deva estate: the Escape Challenge in collaboration with the local club, the CSBC!
    • 2023 : here we go again for the Festival de Trails and the 6th edition of the Ultra Trail of New Caledonia with a distance of 130km!! To your registrations .