• Relay: 2 x 40 km

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    • Distance and elevation : 2x40km in Relay with 2 runners
      - 1st section called "40km SOUTH": length of 39.9 km, elevation gain 1607 D+ and 1284 D-
      - 2nd section called “40km NORTH”: length 41.9 km; elevation gain 2000 D+ and 2050 D-
    • Departure : Saturday May 27 at 5 a.m. from Bois du Sud – bus transfer from the festival village
    • Shape of the route : from point A to point B
    • 7 major bumps in all: 3 on the SOUTH & 4 on the NORTH
    • Lowest altitude : 0m
    • Highest altitude : 584m
    • Total number of PCs : 6
    • Time barrier :
      - Passage of relay Baie de Prony before 4 p.m. on Saturday May 27
      - Arrival at the most in Plum before 04h on Sunday May 28
    • Prize giving : Sunday May 28 at 5:30 p.m. in the festival village
    • This race is registered with the UTMB Index and allows you to accumulate ITRA points

    PLEASE NOTE: it is possible to register individually on the NORTH section:
    - they will have to come to Prony by their own means, the equipment will be identical to the 2x40km relay
    - the symbolic start will be given at 1 p.m. in Prony – Baie de la Somme

    Registration modality

    • Registration is done online on the INLIVE.NC website.
    • Tariff 2023 = 16,000 Fr for the 2 torchbearers or 8,000 Fr for a solo registration on the NORTH section
    • Minimum age : 20 years old
    • Provide proof of health and aptitude for trail running : terms and conditions on the rules
    • No qualifying points are necessary to register for a section of the Relay
    • Closing date for online registration : Sunday May 21, 2023 at midnight
    • Distribution of bibs : Endurance Shop from May 13 to 26
    • Gear Check : Escape New Caledonia May 13-26

    Trace and profile of the UTNC RELAIS 2x40 KM 2023


    some sections are on private property, it is forbidden to train there!

    The precise route will be communicated in March 2023.

    SOUTH section (arrival at Prony)

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    North section (arrival at Plum)

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    The lucky ones will leave with the freshness of the calm early mornings of the Bois du Sud on the same route as the 80 km.

    Run to feel, see and listen!

    This relay will make it possible to cross horizons of red and green, dark and luminous lands.

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    Download the RELAIS 2x40km rules

    Download the medical certificate template

    Download the UTNC relay road book

    Mandatory equipment

    Full instructions available in our race regulations. This equipment is mandatory for EACH relay runner.

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    When you register, you will be asked for a telephone number for a person to contact in the event of a problem.